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    New Mexico Mining Association Releases Short Video on History of Copper Mining in New Mexico

    “Generations” Video Conveys Importance of Copper Mining in New Mexico Through First Hand Testimonies of Copper Miners


    SANTA FE, NM – The New Mexico Mining Association (NMMA) debuted “Generations,” a compelling account of first hand testimonies from actual New Mexico copper miners, about the historical, economic, and environmental impacts of copper mining in New Mexico. The video is a part of NMMA’s efforts to provide New Mexico residents accurate, timely and consistent information about the New Mexico Environment Department’s proposed copper mining rules. It can be viewed by visiting the NMCopperRules.com website.

    New Mexico’s copper mining industry generates $326 million into the area economy and supports more than 4,300 people and families each year. “Generations” chronicles several different copper miners, born and raised in New Mexico, who share their unique mining heritage and commitment to ensuring there is clean water for future generations.

    David Ramos, a fourth-generation New Mexico copper miner at the Chino Mine recounts, “My great-grandfather, my grandfather and my father were all involved with the mines here at Chino. I am proud of our heritage. We do good work. My goal? Protect the environment, mine copper and restore our surroundings. I want my grand children’s children to enjoy this natural beauty.”

    Manuel Rivera, a third-generation New Mexico copper miner declares, “To me, our water here, in this part of the country, is one of our most precious things that we have. It’s very important for the environment to stay clean. I want it to be kept that way for the generations to come.”

    “NMMA is committed to providing New Mexicans accurate, timely and consistent information about the NMED’s proposed copper mining rules and the impact of copper mining in our state. We decided the best way to convey this message was through first-hand testimonials of real New Mexicans,” said Mike Bowen, executive director of the NMMA. “The ‘Generations’ video project is part of the NMMA’s ongoing commitment to educate New Mexico residents about the benefits of copper mining in New Mexico and the dramatic improvement that the NMED’s proposed copper mining rules will bring to groundwater protection and to the future of the industry in the state.”
    According to Bowen, “It is our hope that “Generations” will serve as a valuable resource to New Mexicans for better understanding the history, context and implications of these proposed rules. Passing the NMED’s proposed copper mining rules are a critical step forward for New Mexicans, our environment, and our economy.”

    About New Mexico Mining Association (NMMA)
    The New Mexico Mining Association is committed to advancing the mineral resources and related industries in New Mexico and to protect New Mexico’s environment. The NMMA serves as a spokesman for the mining industry in New Mexico and works to keep the industry informed on pending legislation. For more information visit www.nmmining.org.


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